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Welcome to my Hasbro Wuzzles section! The Wuzzles were released during 1984 by Hasbro Softies to combat the massive popularity of the Care Bears produced by the very successful Kenner toy company. The toys were made to a higher standard than the Care Bears and had the novel idea of merging two animals into one to form a new creature. Charles Darwin must have turned in his grave!

A bee and a lion makes Bumblelion, a butterfly and a bear makes Butterbear and an Elephant and a Kangeroo makes big holes in your backyard. You certainly didn't need to take drugs if you owned these toys. They had similar features to the Care Bears in that they had the "Tush Tag" and also had a popular Disney made TV show to help bolster the sales of the toys. Sadly, Wuzzles didn't last that long and the Care Bears emerged victorious. Fortunately, we still think that Wuzzles are great so Here's a page devoted to them. Who was your favourite???

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