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Welcome to my vintage Thundercats section. The 1980's was a popular time for cartoon and toy line tie-ins and this resulted in superb animated series with educational story lines for children backed up with detailed and colourful toys. No series fulfilled this role better than the Thundercats. Taking up the reins of the Toy License was a job for LJN, already an established manufacturer of quality action figures.

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The Thundercats

Browse through our toy sections and you will find out, LJN didn't disappoint anyone with their Thundercats line. High attention to detail, authenticity and the use of quality materials combined with novel designs for the vehicles and playsets made sure that the Thundercats toyline was destined to become a classic collector series.


Escaping from their doomed planet of Thundera, the Thundercats, led by the wise old Jaga, seek out a new world in which to carry on their race. Unfortunately, they are pursued by their age old enemies, the evil mutants, led by S-S-Slithe, a hideous reptilian. The convoy of ships is mostly destroyed, all apart from the flagship which contains "The eye of Thundera" embedded in the hilt of the mighty sword of Omens. The mutants board the damaged ship in search of this treasure.

The eye of Thundera is the magical source of the Thundercats powers and the mutants attempt to seize the sword for their own evil purposes. Fortunately, the young Lord Lion-o is able to help fend off the attack along with his fellow Thundercat nobles, Tigra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykit and WilyKat, Jaga and the ever faithful Snarf.

As the ship is damaged, the Thundercats need to go into stasis to survive the journey to the nearest habitable planet, which is Third Earth. Jaga sacrafices his life by staying out of stasis and manually piloting the limping ship safely to Third Earth. However, they soon realise that they are far from safe when they meet up with Mummra the everliving and a variety of his evil henchmen. If that wasn't bad enough, the mutants carry on their pursuit of the Thundercats to Third Earth and team up with Mummra to cause even more headaches for our heros.

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