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Welcome to the Masters of the Universe Video Section

Welcome to the Masters of the Universe Video Library section. Here you will find a guide to the Thundercats videos released in the U.K. along with the videos that we have for sale.

All the videos have been checked for picture quality and sound and they all play just fine. They are in PAL U.K. format, so check that you can play them on your VHS recorder before you buy. Refunds will not be issued on this basis.

Hold aloft your magic sword and say "By the power of Grayskull.....I.....have....the.....POWER"!!

Happy Birthday Roboto

Happy Birthday Roboto:- He-Man discovers a crashed spaceship "manned" by a Robot - an explorer from the Planet Robotica. Roboto is taken over by Man At Arms' sworn enemy and is used to break into a scientific research centre where important secrets are kept....

Battle of the Dragons:- When an evil Dragon puts out the magic fire source of power to the Dragon leader, Granamyr,- and wages battle on the humans of Eternia, it is up to He-Man to get a flame from the bed of shadows, restoring life to the fire and thus, power to the mighty leader of the dragons. Only if he does this will peace be resumed.

Running Time : 43 mins

15 || $22

The Cat and the Spider

The Cat and the Spider:- He-Man meets Kittrina, a roguish cat-woman and with her help defeats the dread demon Grimalkin which has been released by Skeletor and his spidery henchmen, Webstor.

The Littlest Giant:- The Widget Squinch wants to be big, so he goes to Snake Mountain to ask Skeletor to use his magic to accomplish this. Instead Evil Lyn cons the widget into giving He-Man a magical box that will trap him.

Running Time : 45 mins

12 || $18

Rare Heman volume 1

Diamond of disappearance:- Skeletor finds the "diamond of disappearence which can make people vanish into another dimension a dangerous toy indeed in skeletors hands.

Oracle of the crystal lake:- Teela, captain of the kings guard, reveals a secret from her past and embarks on a perilous journey to visit the oracle of the Crystal lake. But she falls into the hands of the evil Merman!

Colossor:- Skeletor perfects a diabolical invention, a ray machine that can turn stone into living things. He creates a stone warrior COLOSSOR who pute Heman through his paces.

Running Time : 65 mins

40 || $60

Search for a Son

Search for a son:- Mekanek discovers that his long lost son, Philip, is in the hands of Count Marzo, who confronts him wil a choice: the boy for th King and Queen.....

The Toymaker :- Toymaker flatters Orko and gives him magical toys which Orko brings to Man-At-Arms wo is then kidnapped by them. He-Man and friends must track the toys through the Valley of Echoes to snake mountain ... and Skeletor!

Running Time : 45 mins

18 || $27

He-Man the Movie

The Movie: Dolph Lundgren is He-Man in the first thrill packed live action feature created from Mattel's Masters of the Universe Toyline. He-man, Eternias most powerful warrior defends the honour of the future paradise from the hideous Skeletor and Evil Lyn. Skeletor has imprisoned the Sorceress, and the only way to free her is using the cosmic key. But this has fallen into the hands of two californian teenagers (including a young Courtney Cox) who lend He-Man a hand to save Eternia!

Running Time : 100 mins

10 || $15

The Army of Robots

The Army of Robots:- Skeletor, master of the forces of evil, prepares for war on eternia. His secret weapons are conveyor belt beasts fabricated in the dark stronghold of Stardicia. But Man-at-arms and his daughter Teela have perfected a device that helps Heman to stem the never ending stream of steel taloned monsters emerging from the forbidding castle intent on the destruction of Heman and the faithful battlecat.

The Creatures from the Tar Swamp:- Orko the magician is searching for his magic medallion that he dropped into the tar swamp. As he searches for it, the wicked Skeletor brings Prehistoric monsters of the swamp to life. Skeletor commands the fearsome monster to attack the castle and the King and Queen are taken prisoner. It looks like Skeletor has won, but he had not reckened on Orko and his magic medallion!

Running Time : 45 mins

20 || $30

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